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SCREEN – the Supply Chain Risk Early Escalation eNgine - is an early warning system based on a risk-model which aims to optimise supply chains’ operations.

History shows that the supply chain bears great risks with respect to cost, quality and timely delivery. The industry has been trying to minimise these risks for decades. Unforeseen events disrupting the supply chain can result in huge additional costs– not counting barely measurable reputational damage – and are the cause of many sleepless nights among managers.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

To determine the strength of each link two viewpoints have to be considered

  • Internal factors can be appreciated with the classical indicators of supply chain performance (reliability of the suppliers, product quality...)
  • External factors and their collateral impacts are also to be considered. They are part of the environment they are acting in (political instability, natural disaster likelihood, economic trends...)

Altran has developed SCREEN, this early warning system and the associated risk-model, to optimise supply chain’s operations.

Providing a 360º risk analysis, SCREEN merges your internal data continuously with the premium data source of Altran. In addition to further in-depth supplier/industry data and collateral data, advanced and statistically determined risk indicators and trend analyses contribute to best-in-class results.

SCREEN gives you the ability to easily build and control a sustainable supply chain – so you can sleep well!


Supply Chain Quality & Risk