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Product Compliance & Lifecycle Assessment

Now high up on corporate agendas, Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) and its impact on design and supply chains is becoming a matter of prime concern for organisations’ business strategies. The impact of products’ environmental footprints and the need to lower the risk of obsolescence are critical issues for business today. 

Lifecycle thinking is increasingly integrated into today’s B to B and B to C exchanges. Currently adopted on a voluntary basis, lifecycle thinking methods are due to become part of European and national regulations. 

Most companies acknowledge that environmental issues challenge their daily business activities. Whether the risks in question are of a regulatory nature (traceability of dangerous substances) or of an operational one (in terms of obsolescence management and customer preference evolution), new business opportunities can be created. The Altran solution centre provides expertise and specific services to implement LCA and Product Compliance strategies.

Relying on our expertise in environmental management, system design and innovation, we assist corporations in evaluating and reducing their environmental impacts. Our solutions are designed to increase businesses’ market stability and guarantee sustainable benefits. 

Additionally, we provide support in the gathering of internal and external data, and in identifying the scope of key issues to measure all operational impacts. 

We offer companies a full range of services aimed at reaching an efficient product compliance strategy. 

To develop clear recommendations that will increase companies’ global sustainable efficiency, our assessments focus on: 

  • Operational performance, services, products and production processes, 
  • Key supply chain characteristics,
  • Design specifications, substances & material substitution.




Lifecycle Performance