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Innovation Management Platform

IMPA is a Web 2.0 Innovation Management Platform designed for open collaboration in order to innovate faster and better! 

IMPA has been developed by Altran together with FP7 consortium partners: EADS Innovation Works, Carl-Zeiss-Optronics GmbH and Micos.

More than just a knowledge management platform, IMPA promotes innovation through a community of users within an organisation to:

  • Capture, edit, and mature ideas collaboratively;
  • Group ideas by category and keyword to find potential synergies and match problems to solutions;
  • Monitor an organisation’s innovation performance (KPIs, dashboard);
  • Use feedback loops to periodically re-evaluate ideas, proposed and realised projects based on new information (e.g. sales, market information, technology); 
  • Provide a solid process to review ideas and rebuttals so that no relevant idea is killed or lost;
  • Stimulate creativity and foster a systematic approach to problem solving with integrated innovation guidelines;
  • Use the power of the Web 2.0 based application to break through organisational silos with use of collaborative work features
  • Allow cross-functional/cross-departmental sharing, discussion and development for richer and more complete ideas that consider all the relevant factors of the organisation: e.g. technology, manufacturing, market, financial aspects and risk;
  • Improve visibility in the front-end of innovation, identify opportunities earlier and align to the organisation’s innovation strategy.

The benefits of the platform include business process integration, increased innovation efficiency (goal-oriented, systematic and model-based approach), continuous and process-flow based collaboration, and efficient management of knowledge database.


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