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Design Thinking

Implementing design thinking is like taking a photo with a digital camera

“Today, innovating successfully requires a more holistic approach to design focusing on integrating diversity of thought. Mastering this initiative is one of the strengths of Altran, specialist in innovation and design thinking management”.

Corinne Jouanny, Managing Director within Altran

The precepts of Design Thinking

  • Putting the end-user at the centre of attention and at the heart of the approach.
  • Involving the designer and design thinking upstream the design cycle.
  • Building a multidisciplinary team comprising all stakeholders, including the end-user where possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face – and then pick yourself up again. Adopt a new paradigm whereby ones is encouraged to make mistakes as early and often as possible and succeed by learning from each mistake.


Design Thinking project approach

Understand and analyse

  • Ergonomics tests, observations and questionnaires 
  • Campaign of in-house and external interviews
  • Functional analysis
  • Economic intelligence



Create and conceptualise

  • Creativity session 
  • Sketches, illustrations and reports
  • Role plays
  • Storytelling 

Validate and roll out

  • Ergonomics tests, observations and questionnaires
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Decision-making workshops
  • Engineering