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Telecoms & Media

The Telecoms & Media sector is facing big market disruptions: 

The development of the internet, and end-users expectations in terms of mobile data communications with new smartphones and tablets usage, is creating a booming data market. It is finally leading today to the convergence of IT, telecoms and media worlds.

The mobile data contribution to the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is increasing, but not compensating the overall traffic growth. So, the telecoms and media industry are forced to innovate to offer their clients new value propositions: 

  • to conserve the appeal of products and services by using the latest technologies as effectively and as early as possible
  • to generate new revenue streams, in particular in domains previously far-removed from this sector (e.g. connected cars, connected health, smart metering) via new services and business models 
  • to measure, master and improve the quality of the user experience and thereby enhance customer loyalty and interest
  • to invent more efficient and agile organisations, processes and tools via open innovation and crowd sourcing 

When innovation becomes the priority in continuing to address the market and capture consumer preference, all the company processes have to be focused to acquire genuine added-value. At the crossroads between revenues and costs, innovation and its performance must be managed rigorously and factually.


Case reference

O’Trade, a communicating device dedicated to traders for Orange Business Services

Altran created and designed the O-Trade, a new telephone and computer tool for the financial market operators. Its creation is based on “design thinking”. It won the 2010 Janus Award.

Case reference

Value Added Services Platform Management 

Altran designed, implemented and deployed a platform managing all value-added services (TV and other contents). The Service Level Agreement included 24x7 operation and maintenance.