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The railway industry is facing fundamental changes due to market, demographics, legislation and technology evolutions.

  • Rolling stock manufacturers will have to innovate to an increasing degree of agility and complexity to develop and launch new products. The arrival of “new entrants” on the market – facilitated by decades of technology transfers - is raising fresh challenges for all the key players. In this more than ever globalised market, where geographical counterparts and offsets are the standard, manufacturers have to consider their new products supply chain as the key factor for ensuring profitability, product quality and service reliability. 
  • As regards the operators, it is partly the deregulation of the railway industry which is creating heightened competition between existing companies and new entrants and which imposes innovative business models. Railway companies need to switch from a national model to an international one and from quasi-monopolistic situation to a market open to new entrants and alternative transportation modes. Adopting a more customer-centric approach and improving the overall travel experience are the opportunity for providing better services and gaining or preserving market shares.
  • The new technologies currently available will allow companies to rise to these challenges. They will enhance capabilities in terms of railway operation and train and infrastructure maintenance. Systems are becoming increasingly powerful, interactive, complex and critical allowing the companies to move up the value chain and regulation bodies to reinforce their demands.

Case reference

Product & supplier quality assurance in development phase & serial production

Altran set up a Service Centre dedicated to improving suppliers’ performances by suppliers training and following up different indicators Non Recurrent Cost numbers, containment operations reactivity, delivery of First Article Inspection status on time regarding project programmes).

Case reference

Requirements management process

Altran defined and implemented a requirements management process for a train manufacturer. This process ensures a complete traceability across the entire lifecycle and the synchronisation of the requirements management environment with architectural/functional/operational models.

Case reference

SNCF – InTERaction

Altran was awarded the contract to imagine non-market multimedia services destined for TER (Regional Express Trains) customers.