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Energy & Industry

The energy sector has been profoundly marked by the increase in worldwide energy consumption, particularly in the emerging countries and the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) zone. To answer to this challenge, operators are seeking solutions with a lesser impact on the planet. These stakeholders have to confront the issues of pollution, climate change, energy safety and increasing scarcity of fossil fuels. The changes underway in the energy sector have brought new strategic challenges:

  • develop innovation efforts focused on new “clean” energies. World energy demand requires innovation to develop renewable technologies, energy storage and useful, revenue-generating energy services. 
  • develop energy efficiency in order to produce better but also to consume and pollute less. This efficiency will require an overhaul of existing power plants, an improvement in the availability of facilities, and the construction of higher-performing new facilities.
  • develop cooperation with suppliers and partners and assist them in their own development to benefit from the best they have to offer. This approach should be based on the rapid development of more virtuous and integrated networks. 

Acting on such challenges means creating the right conditions for the kind of operational excellence upon which a sustainable energy future will be built.

Case reference

Strategic and operational consulting

Altran provided strategic and operational consulting for a major energy actor in the purchases of equipment and investments: piping, valves & compressors for power & nuclear power plants.

Case reference

ITER project

Altran participated in the management and technical monitoring of the first step (construction of infrastructures) of the ITER project. ITER is a joint international research and development project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power.

Case reference

Developing a new generation wind turbine

Altran performed the preliminary design of a 2.1 turbine compliant with the most stringent code requirements. Altran delivered an advanced Drive Train concept relying on a flexible Full Converter Power Topology; a modular architecture that can be easily customised and even scaled up to 2.5 MW