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Facing one of the most radical transformations in its history, the automotive industry will have to show considerable innovative ability in order to:

  • integrate the technologies required to meet new environmental and energy constraints under acceptable economic conditions,
  • target high-growing markets with its product lines,
  • maintain and restore the attractiveness of its products among consumers who are increasingly looking for connectivity and innovation, to create new growth drivers and boost product appeal,
  • develop automobile-related services,
  • master and support an increasingly extensive ecosystem of suppliers, distributors and after-sale service providers.

More than ever before, innovation in the automotive industry needs to be multidisciplinary, collaborative and open: the development of electric power is having a direct impact on the vehicle itself, but also on its users, associated business models, supplier networks, etc ; the development of product-related services requires the roll-out of new technologies, the involvement of new technical partners and service providers, and responsiveness to new customer needs.

At the same time it has to be better rationalised in both methods and management.

As for car manufacturers, they need to ensure all their creative resources are fully switched on, supported by collaborative and interactive PLM-type technologies to make the innovation process more efficient, more agile, faster and less costly.

Case reference

Customer service documents management platform

Altran supported a car equipment manufacturer in improving efficiency in the planning and development of mechanical procedures and car accessories documentation as well as improving efficiency working with spare parts and change orders.

Case reference

Innovation for mobility services

Altran implemented an application that allowed the automotive fleet anomalies monitoring and realised multidimensional analysis focused on preventive maintenance. 

Case reference

Innovation for powertrain 

Altran covered all phases of the development process of an entire electrical powertrain: system engineering, optimisation and integration of the electrical powertrain from the energy management concept definition to start of production.