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Aerospace & Defence

Aeronautics, Space and Defence industries are the historical cradles of innovation, product lifecycle management, systems engineering and complex and worldwide supply chains; they remain key levers for their development and improvement when they have to face fresh emerging challenges and adapt to a new global deal:

  • new environmental requirements, strongly calling into question the architectures of aircraft, satellites and launchers
  • a new value chain, altering the roles of producers, engine manufacturers and equipment suppliers and the relationships between them
  • new competition from the emerging countries, requiring a stronger capability to design safer satellites and aircraft more quickly and more cheaply.
  • new performance expectations in terms of operating costs, leading to an increase in the use of digital technologies and support in operations, diagnostics and maintenance
  • new client needs in terms of services, applications and technologies

All these challenges are forcing aerospace and defence manufacturers to develop their potential even further by bolstering their collaborative design, engineering, manufacturing and supporting capabilities.

Case reference

Airport of the future

EADS Innovation Works and Altran are jointly working on projects supporting the long-term evolution of the air transport industry: an airport without queues, long walking distances or confusing structures, in which the required time between arrival at the airport and boarding the aircraft is only 10 minutes.

Case reference

The Wings Valley ® of Dubai

Altran is designer, advisor and programme director of The Wings Valley┬«  of Dubai, the biggest and most innovative corporate aviation MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) in the world in partnership with DWC, Al Habtoor and ADPI, with a maintenance capacity of 60 business jets and 40 helicopters per month, it is a concentrate of high technology consulting and airport engineering.