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Supply Chain Quality & Risk


Companies have to address both their main supply chain quality and risk issues: risk management in increasingly splintered supply chains, compliance with Quality Costs and Delays (QCD) requirements, underperforming suppliers affecting final customer satisfaction, the effects of substandard materials on internal process efficiency, product quality and exposure to product liability.

We support our clients with a system-based approach that combines quality performance improvement and risk reduction solutions to boost their overall supply chain performance through our 5 service lines:

Live the process right: Altran helps its clients be a role model internally complying to their rules, thus motivating their extended supply chain to strive for perfection: internal process alignment, clear guidelines and assurance of a correct development at partner side to reduce overall costs of non-quality.

Multidimensional optimisation: Altran supports its clients in innovating and searching for all drivers of optimisation from technology to human factors, in terms of best practices for all industries. To continuously support clients in their organisation improvement, Altran combines lean tools, 6 sigma methods and innovation techniques. 

Supplier quick response team: Altran offers its clients support in their efforts to be quick in tackling supply chain disturbances triggered by suppliers . Our goal is to generate a supply base awareness to improve quality standards and practices. We deliver reliable diagnosis of the real causes & short term corrective action plans and create the basis for a long-term compliance by the suppliers to the agreed targets.

Supplier preventive monitoring: Altran wants its clients to be  partners of their supply base rather than just clients benefiting from the return on investment of “hands on” supplier monitoring and development. We can set permanent teams to ensure the full quality assurance of the externalised product portfolio and deliver tailor-made services to support our clients in the development of suppliers.

Intelligence & report: Altran helps its clients be aware of future events, through “market intelligence” thus allowing them to anticipate and implement  alternative supplier relationship strategies to prevent crisis, thanks to our tool SCREEN (Supply Chain Early Escalation eNgine).


Case reference

Automotive industry

Altran supported a client in ensuring the quality assurance of both activities and deliverables of the powertrain perimeter. Altran defined the quality requirements of the purchased parts and contributed to the development of the concerned suppliers.

Case reference


Altran helped a client from railway industry secure the supply chain of metal parts. On-site monitoring and coaching allowed the securing of supplies and production continuity while reaching the target of “zero missing parts” and inventory reduction.

Case reference


Altran supported a helicopter manufacturer to improve the maturity of its new industrialisations. Altran assessed suppliers, reviewed industrial plans and supported the necessary supplier developments.