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Supply Chain Organisation

Companies have to address their main Supply Chain issues: stagnant and inefficient global supply chains, insufficient alignment between strategy, procurement and operations, lack of visibility and at last, immature sources and underperforming local supply chain in strategic countries. Moreover all these issues have to be considered by also dealing with the vast diversity of regulations. Altran supports its clients in fine-tuning their supply chain strategy through 3 service lines:

Supply Chain network excellence: Altran helps its clients design and optimise their Supply Chain network through an in-depth assessment of current situation and strategic objectives in terms of performance and maturity. We orient and support strategic decisions and investments, and also implement road maps and detailed action plans.

Green Supply Chain development: Altran addresses this key issue through an energy consumptions audit, an evaluation of saving opportunities and the implementation of action plans for energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction. This approach may be completed and made durable by implementing tailor-made management tools of environmental impacts.

Industrial & technology transfer: Altran offers this full packaged modular solution to support industrial strategy implementation: strategic decision making, business case definition, global sourcing, suppliers’ capability evaluation and selection, industrial transfer design, supplier development activities, industrial transfer process management and industrialisation.

Case reference


Altran supported an aircraft manufacturer to transfer the outsourced spare parts manufacturing from 50 to only two suppliers. Altran provided the methodology, monitored the operational transfer and developed a parts costing methodology for the supplier.

Case reference

Automotive industry

Altran supported a car manufacturer in redesigning and implementing a totally new supply chain to accompany the creation of a new plant in an emerging country.

Case reference

Sustainable development

Altran helped determine the CO2 emissions rate of the whole European flows for overland transports and global flows for overseas transports. Altran defined the calculation method regarding the transport mode and the requirements from governmental organisms and from sectoral studies.