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Procurement Performance

To achieve Procurement Performance, companies have to find the right balance between agile and fast adaptation of the supplier's portfolio and the development of long term partnerships with suppliers capable of assuming a risk-sharing position.

Information technology spreads through all companies (from SME’s up to multinationals), breaks new boundaries and speeds up business. It has created a new market place worldwide, with multiple and extremely aggressive competition leading even big companies to outsource in order to acquire external skills and thus a competitive advantage in record time.

At the same time, long term partnerships have to be developed with suppliers capable of assuming a risk-sharing position in regards to companies’ global development strategy and committed to their capability development.

Altran is able to advise its clients on organisation and overall purchasing optimisation as a specialist on the following subjects: 

  • organisational audit & diagnosis, 
  • purchasing processes definition and deployment,
  • redesign to cost,
  • global sourcing,
  • suppliers qualification and integration.

Purchasing performance optimisation: Altran helps its clients improve their purchasing efficacy and efficiency: purchasing portfolio optimisation, project purchasing, purchasing service centre, training & coaching, consultancy.

Sourcing strategy: Altran designs and implements sourcing strategies aligned on client’s global strategy and issues. We involve all the stakeholders from executive level to suppliers within a change management programme guaranteeing the effective transformation.

Cost analysis and management: Altran provides a large range of services from standardisations to redesign to cost, including make or buy, value analysis and calculation models to support design- to-cost approaches and validation at an early stage of technical options.

Purchasing professionnalisation - training & support: Altran builds up training programmes that fit the client’s context. Our training modules combine a practical approach based on our past experiences and business methodological material. They are dedicated both to purchasing and engineering organisations in order to raise project managers’ understanding of their project cost and negotiation leverages.

Case Reference


Altran supported its client from aeronautic industry in evaluating and mitigating the risk concerning raw material by proposing financial and physical hedging actions.

Case Reference

Energy industry

Altran provided strategic and operational consulting for a major energy actor in the purchases of equipment and investments: piping, valves & compressors for power & nuclear power plants.

Case Reference

Medical devices

Altran implemented a shared service centre for a major player of the life sciences industry: global sourcing of technical services in Europe and purchasing activity in cooperation with internal prescribers.