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Manufacturing Excellence


Manufacturing engineering is a top issue given the consolidation of existing supply bases, the development of strategic partnership with Tier 1 suppliers, the continuous research of efficiency, international deployment on emerging markets and offset obligations. 

All around the world, Lifecycle Experience / Altran provides high value lean operations for industrial programmes. From new products or tools development to product’s afterlife, through serial production, we implement best in class, flexible and reliable manufacturing capacities.

Our Manufacturing Excellence services include:

Feasibility studies (define phase, cost estimates): Altran performs a global programme scoping from a technical, organisational and financial point of view. We establish technical hypothesis, programme timeframe, budget estimation and risk analysis. We set up plans, tools and templates fitted to the programme specificities.

Technical specification, CAPEX call for tender management, integrated logistics support: With the conceptual design as baseline, Altran designs all the necessary specifications  (jig & tools, machines and automation) and manage the whole sourcing process from supplier sourcing to procurement, contract management and final approval. 

World-class integrated process engineering: Altran accompanies the whole process engineering programme, starting from the industrial baseline definition and its integration to manufacturing IS tools. Altran performs design, engineering and commissioning activities for Jug & tools, machine & automation.

We ensure the necessary work preparation, time calculation and logistics planning. Finally, we manage first article inspections and secure production ramp ups.

Continuous improvement in manufacturing engineering: Altran provides a full range of lean and continuous improvement consulting services from manufacturing process, methods optimisation and problem solving to new information system introduction, competence development and change management.


Case reference

Automotive industry

Altran supported its client in industrialising new sensor production lines, improving production capacity, reception & implementation of assembly line equipment, managing suppliers, following up performance indicator, defective sensor analysis, international logistics, documentation support.

Case reference


Altran helped its client reduce non-quality costs due to drilling defect: defining solutions, managing/pushing the implementation. The challenge was to involve partitioned departments and to manage the way four countries work in order to obtain best / shared / harmonised solutions.