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Logistics Performance

The key success factors for achieving logistics performance remain: alignment between group development strategy, warehousing and production capacity, forecasting and dimensioning of supplies and manufacturing capacities, efficient industrial logistic flows, but also adequate track and trace systems.

We handle our clients’ logistic issues and help them to organise, implement and optimise their overall supply chain through 5 service lines:

End-to-end Information Flows optimisation: Altran optimises and secures the information flows between suppliers / factory / logistics operator to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Upstream & downstream logistical flows optimisation is key for a better efficiency in industrial logistics and in product delivery towards clients. Our services in transportation engineering give our clients the ability to optimise their transportation models, to define the most effective transportation means and adequate stock policies. Combining them with our services in capillary logistic flows optimisation and product distribution flows, our clients will achieve optimum transportation and distribution lead times.

Regulatory complianceAltran allows its clients to anticipate changes in regulation and to better manage the modifications required in their logistical apparatus. Altran performs customs and transport regulatory to provide logistical cost reduction solutions.

Industrial logistics optimisation: Altran aims at boosting the internal industrial performance. We help our clients define and implement a master plan aligned with their Sales and Operation Planning. We also provide them the necessary support to optimise their stocks through advanced planning and Just in Time systems. 

Spare parts management: Altran benefits from all its Logistics Performance expertise and applies it to the specific spare parts environment.  We help our clients define the list of spareable items, identify in advance the potential risks to guarantee the supply chain for out of production products until the end of their lifecycle, and manage their supply chain.

Case reference


Altran improved the industrial logistics performance of a train manufacturer. We acted on tooling improvement, lay out redesign, Kanban feeding to the lines to optimise the line space, production and assembly times and reduce costs in stocks and material flows.

Case reference


In a dry products factory, Altran designed Rhythm Wheel planning process, reduced multiple handoffs and decreased the lead times from 6-8 weeks to 2-4 weeks.

Case reference


For a logistic service provider, Altran managed the 16 delocalised transportation centres of an automotive OEM. Altran introduced performance dashboards, deliverables quality controls and trained the personnel to new technologies and methods.