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Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Streamline your manufacturing process and supply chain.

The world’s main industrial producers and service providers are facing major changes in the way to create / sell products and services: 

  • The growing globalisation trends and increasing geographical compensations demands.
  • The reduction of international trade barriers & the constantly changing trade-off between quality standards, production costs, delivery costs and client service.
  • Ever increasing service demands by end-users.

To be competitive, companies need to be able to release new products and services before their competitors. To do so, industries need to reinvent their processes and organisation. As a global service provider, Altran supports its clients in this change process, thanks to its Supply Chain & Manufacturing know-how and expertise throughout all industries and geographies.

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers a complete Supply Chain & Manufacturing performance solution designed to implement best in class, flexible and reliable manufacturing, supply and logistics chain organisation and optimise the overall costs of a product or service lifecycle:

Supply Chain Organisation: Altran contributes to the design and optimisation of industrial apparatus that match the ambition of our client’s strategy.

Logistics Performance: Altran helps its clients overcome their logistic issues and implement optimum overall supply chains.

Procurement Performance: Altran supports its clients to identify, qualify, and mobilise suppliers able to take responsibility for non-strategic activities in certain geographic areas and sustainably meet the required levels of performance.

Supply Chain Quality & Risk: Altran allows its clients to be a model in terms of processes and drive their extended supply chain to strive for process perfection.

Manufacturing Excellence: Altran provides its clients with high value manufacturing engineering and consulting services to implement lean operations for industrial programmes.

Case reference

Pharmaceutical industry

In a pharmaceutical environment, Altran integrated production data, both in manufacturing and packaging area, meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and validated the implemented systems.

Case reference


Following the production run out of an airplane, Altran analysed the supply chain of all specific parts in order to identify and mitigate the potential risks for spares management and to define the relevant risk-management policy.

Case reference

Automotive industry

Altran provided product & supplier quality assurance services to an automotive manufacturer in the development phase & the serial production. By coaching on process improvement and implementing performance and quality dashboards, the performances of the client and its suppliers reached the expected level and were continuously improved.