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PLM Validation

The PLM Validation phase aims at controlling and validating all aspects that will make the PLM solution deployment a success: testing the application with the integration of all “bits”, especially the authoring tools, testing its level of performance, validating the solution and new methodology user acceptance, controlling the data migration process and results and at last validating the disaster recovery process.

This phase is closely linked to the PLM Design phase during which it has been prepared. 

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers an extensive set of services to support and lead the PLM Validation phase: 

  • Platform & integration testing: installation and test of the various necessary environments, such as training/demo environment, pre-production environment, complete hardware/software configurations (servers, clients, network, database, various software pieces).
  • Performance testing and tuning: test of the level of performance of the PLM solution, including tuning and improvement. This covers several aspects, especially testing the response time when the number of connected users or the database size increases significantly, or also testing the reliability of the application. Tuning aims at improving the performance to the required level by adjusting the solution configuration and, if necessary, proposing technical architecture adjustments.
  • Customer acceptance testing: test of the solution from the functional and ergonomics perspective with key users. This consists in running test scenarios, tracing issues and looking for workaround or solutions.
  • Migration testing: test of migration procedures (export/import) on various data set to validate their relevancy and efficiency prior to bulk data migration.
  • Operational methods testing: test of the new operational methods with key users, by running test scenarios, tracing issues and looking for workaround or solutions.
  • Disaster/recovery simulation/trial: test of the disaster/recovery scenarios in order to test its operational efficiency.

Case reference

Performance testing

Altran were asked by a major aerospace manufacturer to assist in ensuring a new PLM implementation was capable of meeting the demands of an upcoming engineering program. Altran analysed the scalability requirements in terms of users and data, conducted performance tests and applied the retrospective changes to ensure the system was fit for purpose.

Case reference

Performance and functional validation

Altran supports a major European car manufacturer in performing integration tests, validating new functionality, testing performance and scalability and organising key users validation sessions.