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PLM Support

The PLM Support phase aims at keeping the solution running with continuously improved functional and performance levels.

Keeping the solution operational and deploying new software and application versions can require a quite large level of resources and expertise from a technical point of view as well as from an operational one.

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers an extensive set of services to support and lead the PLM Support phase: 

  • Multi-level support: delivering various hotline and on-site support levels depending on complexity of the issues from daily hotline to ones that will imply future solution improvements. 
  • Training: delivering training sessions over time. PLM projects can be deployed over several months or years. Users will receive progressively the initial training and preferably periodic adjustment trainings. 
  • Data administration: managing the system from a data perspective. Monitoring data creation and its usage, in terms of volume and quality. 
  • Maintenance & evolution: fixing application defects, reporting software bugs to the software editors and determining temporary workarounds, managing addition of new functions to the application. Any application evolution will have to go through various testing activities: functional, ergonomics, methodological, etc.

Case reference

2nd Level PLM Support

Altran ensures second level support of the PLM Solution for a major car manufacturer. Altran progressively build a support knowledge base to improve support efficiency and reactivity and decrease the 3rd level escalation to the software vendor’s expert team.

Case reference

3rd level support for application robustness

Altran were chosen to supply a major Aerospace manufacturer with ‘3rd Level’ support services to provide immediate technical response to any blocking technical PLM issues, performance and scalability problems, including database optimisation and software corrective maintenance.