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PLM Strategy

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) projects are by nature strategic of which success is critical. The first phase is probably the most important; it aims at describing the project scope, its objectives and the expected added value. 

This PLM Strategy phase will also determine some highly critical decisions such as choosing the software solution and building the project roadmap.

Communication is a key aspect of a PLM project. Lifecycle Experience / Altran has developed an innovative methodology based on comprehensive graphical representations which enables a better and shared understanding of the project scope and impact and facilitate decision making and adoption.

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers an extensive set of services to support and lead the PLM Strategy phase: 

  • Business requirements: description of the client’s business needs, the business objectives and the key domains and processes concerned.
  • Architecture assessment : description and analysis of the client’s enterprise architecture, its product value chain in terms of organisation, people skills, processes, information to be managed, applications and infrastructure available to support the processes. 
  • Process assessment: description and analysis of the processes concerned by the PLM project.
  • Value assessment: analysis and estimations of the value brought by the PLM project.
  • Solution benchmark: a comparison of the commercial solutions and estimation of the specific developments they require.
  • Solution roadmap: definition of the implementation phases, including the high level project plan.
  • Acquisition management: management or support to the overall Request for Information/Request for Proposal process for the PLM project, from specification to proposal assessments and recommendations for project and contract management.
  • Business case: packaged service that includes an architecture assessment, a value assessment, a solution benchmark, a solution roadmap. 

Case reference

Services catalogue and portfolio management solution

Through focussed business consulting, Altran helped a financial services client improve collaboration and effectiveness between the R&D, product development and sales operations across their subsidiaries whilst still achieving growth within the context of increasing market pressures and competition.

Case reference

Business requirements for an integrated production system

Altran lead an activity for one of the leading aerospace manufacturers, in defining the business requirements for a Europe wide integrated production system (assembly, integration and test sites) covering design, integration and scheduling. These guided the design and tool selection for the PLM toolset.