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PLM Design

The PLM Design phase aims at defining each key block required for project success: new process design (when the project includes process changes), solution functional specifications, prototype building, user involvement through workshops and prototype reviews, test and migration plans, training and change management plans.

This phase depends on both the understanding of the processes, and the knowledge of the chosen PLM solution as well as of operational PLM best practices. 

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers a unique capacity to build multi-cultural teams aimed at achieving – in a perfect relationship with client’s teams –this PLM Design phase. 

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers an extensive set of services to support and lead the PLM Design phase:

  • Prototype: specification, development and/or configuration of a PLM prototype, generally used to demonstrate the target process and define functional specifications with gap analysis.
  • Process design: description of the new processes and mapping on the PLM solution, based on the knowledge of the existing processes, the gap analysis and  the industry PLM best practices.
  • Functional specification: description of the expected functions and mapping on the PLM solution in order to take as much benefits as possible from the solution and avoid proliferation of specific developments.
  • Technical architecture: description of the applications and interfaces with information systems (applications and IT services) and of the software and hardware infrastructure requirements.
  • Test plan: definition of the test strategy and test plan including the expected results and the acceptance criteria. The test plan encompasses various levels: technical and functional, with or without IT system integration, migration, etc. while trying to minimise the operational resources involvement.
  • Migration plan: definition of all the steps enabling data migration into the new PLM solution. It usually includes identifying the data to be migrated, defining the potential data cleaning process, defining the data export/import processes and the import/export test cases.
  • Cultural change and training plan: definition of the training, change management and communication plans. This is a project-in-a-project which deals with one of the most important aspect, people adhesion to changes and adoption of the solution. 



Case reference

Consolidation of PLM

Altran supported a major automotive Tier 1 supplier in upgrading with a new technology the global PLM system handling its PCB (Printed circuit boards) design and manufacturing processes. This resulted in considerable changes towards standardised design methods and in sourcing risk reduction through multi-sourcing strategies.

Case reference

Extended enterprise implementation

Altran was contracted by a European automotive Tier 1 supplier to design its extended enterprise policy allowing implementing supplier access to the Digital Mock-Up. The resulting process and supplier access controls were implemented in order to match the agreed security policy for the client.