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PLM Deployment

The PLM Deployment phase aims at actually setting all aspects making the solution operational: deploying the solution in its production environment with appropriate data, delivering training sessions, training and coaching users on new methodologies, setting the appropriate infrastructure and a solution hotline support, and communicating about the project deployment progress.

To succeed, this phase has to be carefully prepared and planned by focusing on change management and users acceptance. It requires an in-depth understanding of end-users issues and daily practices, a high level of qualification in implementing PLM solutions as well as a high level of professionalism in training delivery and change management. 

Lifecycle Experience / Altran offers an extensive set of services to support and lead the PLM Deployment phase: 

  • Solution deployment: setting up the production environment (hardware, network, database, solution installation and configuration, etc.) making the solution operational. 
  • Data migration: running the migration procedures on bulk data in order to make it available in the production environment. 
  • Application & methods training: planning and delivering all training/coaching activities to make users operational and efficient with the new solution and the new methodologies. 
  • Infrastructure support: delivering support services to make the solution infrastructure operational, including hotline support and on-site help, and monitoring quality of the answers and reactivity to the user requests. 
  • Communication: driving the communication process to ensure that all the people concerned by the project are perfectly aware of its objectives, its results and progress over time.

Case reference

Energy training development and worldwide delivery

Altran ensured the worldwide deployment of an energy equipment manufacturer’s PLM solution. Altran created a role-based training concept, conducted and provided bilingual trainings to 3,500 engineers at all locations.

Case reference

Aeronautics training development and worldwide delivery

Altran has been working for many years with a worldwide Aircraft manufacturer in developing and delivering bespoke PLM application and engineering methods training to their staff and wider extended enterprise. This has delivered in excess of 200 course types, including CAD, PDM across the globe.