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Product Lifecycle Management

Transform your process, increase your efficiency.

Lifecycle Experience / Altran considers a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) project as a transformation project aiming to improve efficiency in the product value chain.

Thus Altran looks at a company as a product value stream:

  • Market development (market watch, innovation management, product portfolio and roadmap management)
  • Product development (design and engineering, project management)
  • Product delivery (supply chain, manufacture and build)
  • Client services (distribution and support)

Based on this model, our PLM methodology aims to facilitate decision making and adoption thanks to:

  • a shared understanding of the value stream, the projects scope and its objectives
  • a progressive qualification of the most valuable and feasible transformations
  • a progressive analysis of the operational impacts



Altran divides a PLM project implementation into 6 main phases. Altran has developed innovative methodologies and tools to deliver high quality services combining IT, PLM and engineering expertise in each phase.

PLM Strategy: Define the project scope in terms of organisation, people, processes, data and applications and identify the objectives and the added value of the project. Choose the right PLM solution and define the roadmap for implementing it.
PLM Design: Design the target solution in terms of processes, functions, technical architecture, data migration, tests, training and operational methodology change.
PLM Build: Build the solution in terms of detailed software specifications, software configuration and development, data quality, tests, training, operational methods and communication, disaster recovery.
PLM Validation: Test all aspects of the PLM solution to be deployed (platform, integration, performance, user acceptance, functions and ergonomics, migration, operational methods).
PLM Deployment: Ensure a successful start-up of the PLM solution including software installation, data migration, application & methods training, infrastructure support and communication.
PLM Support: Ensure continuous deployment of the PLM solution, including training, data administration, data mining and product analysis, system monitoring, application maintenance & upgrades.

Case reference

Product Data Management (PDM) system replacement

Altran was contracted by a major luxury watch manufacturer to improve the efficiency of its product development process by replacing its PDM system. This provided the whole organisation with better visibility of product data, more streamlined and adhered to processes and reduction in duplication.

Case reference

Extend the PLM application field

Altran supported a major aircraft manufacturer in improving the efficiency of deploying upstream PLM information to the shop floor and customer service departments. Through engineering data ‘repurposing’ and customisations to the PLM software, 3D paperless instruction sets became reality enabling greatly reduced cycle change time.