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“How to bring greater value into system design”

Product Compliance & Lifecycle Assessment

Innovative solutions to reduce environmental footprint and costs

CLP & REACH Consultancy

Complying with regulations and implementing safer product strategies

Lifecycle Performance

Altran offers a large set of services to support the implementation of product design and system engineering approach. 

Altran’s support can match any targeted approach of its clients thanks to its modular process:

  • Process and Methods definition 
  • Tools selection and implementation
  • New process operations
  • Progressive training and transfer

This service benefits from a transnational network of product design & system engineering delivery centres with dedicated information technology, delivery organisation and process.

  • Requirement-Based Systems Engineering: Altran implements and applies requirement-centric engineering to drive development from concept to Integration, Verification & Validation (methods & tools to elicit, assess, value, negotiate and prioritise needs). This offer includes implementing integrated and automated engineering data management (central data reference).
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSyE): Altran implements and applies a model-based approach combining operational, functional, behavioural & multi-physical views to support & and optimise engineering from concept to Integration, Verification & Validation (usage or design focused modelling). This offer includes simulation in support of system level analysis.
  • XSA/XSE (Extreme System Analysis/Extreme Systems Engineering): Altran helps projects to elicit real needs, requirements and related acceptable flexibilities (functions, performances, constraints) in an accelerated and collaborative way, through its proprietary, agile and integrated systems engineering method XSA/XSE. Applied to Design-to-X (DTX) analysis, this method allows to raise the performance (e.g. weight, cost, user value) of a system or service in a rational and structured way.
  • Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE): Altran supports the development of Knowledge-Based Engineering applications aiming to capture, structure and implement engineering knowledge models enabling engineers to automate requirements specification and designs creation. 
  • Acquisition engineering: Altran performs all phases of the procurement process: acquisition strategy definition, procurement preparation (Statement of Work, Request for Proposal), supplier selection & agreement negotiation, agreement execution follow-up, product acceptance.
  • Certification assurance: Altran provides support in applying industry-specific regulatory standards (e.g. ARP4754A, ISO26262, FDA…) as well as managing the dialogue with certification agencies (path to certification).

Case reference

Medical devices

Altran supported a Design to Time to Market process for a X-Ray system manufacturer. It allowed to introduce the first-ever wireless digital X-ray detector, giving practitioners outstanding image quality along with unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

Case reference


Altran supported an aircraft manufacturer in the deployment of Model-Based Systems Engineering over aircraft programmes. Altran built a consistent toolbox (methods and tools for modeling and simulation) addressing a large set of engineering issues and covering operational, functional and multi-physical dimensions.