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Back on Track

Sometimes, despite all the care given to a project, its complexity is such that focus is lost. Whatever the source of the complexity - technology, specifications, architecture, organisation - and whatever the issues, Altran evaluates the emergency level & identifies the root causes. After sharing this diagnosis with the client management team, Altran can offer quick and efficient methods to support recovery, turnaround and reboot.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Collaborative multi-disciplinary approach
  • Jointly managed & operated team (Altran/Client)
  • Systems engineering toolbox [product & cycle performance]

Case reference


Altran took a significant part in the successful re-design of a new generation semiconductor manufacturing machine whose cost and performance were far from expected. The project was recovered thanks to the implementation of methods - such as requirements management, configuration control, design-to-cost, lean engineering, early validation and fast prototyping.

Case reference


Altran brought a significant support to an ATC (Air Traffic Control) system supplier to resolve deadlocks with its suppliers. Revealed during preliminary system reviews, regarding system definition consistency and completeness, root causes were identified and deadlocks were solved through the introduction of a consistent set of system engineering good practices.