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Strategic Foresight

“To understand the present and imagine the future” this could be the secret dream of any innovation manager.

Through insight and foresight analysis, we provide the opportunity to work with the current end customer’s motivators and the potential future scenarios that may have a profound impact on their behaviours. Through technology intelligence, Lifecycle Experience / Altran  identifies the technologies that may contribute to breakthrough innovation and assesses their maturity and perspective.

Lastly, we bring together all the ingredients of the differentiated innovation strategy and its implementation roadmap.

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Case reference

Observatory Implementation 

Altran supported its client from the bank sector in conceptualizing, defining and setting-up a technology, customer, competitors and environment observatory. Altran defined the services to be delivered and the related methodologies. In less than 5 months the observatory had been successfully launched.

Case reference

Technology Intelligence

Altran helped its client from the energy sector to cover the technological information needs in order to develop its R&D and innovation plan. Altran executed a tailored process of technological intelligence that allowed the identification, selection, analysis and evaluation of technologies consistent with the global strategy of the company. 

Case reference

R&D Innovation Process

Altran helped to redefine the R&D innovation process of a telecom operator, in order to base the innovation on an in depth understanding of targeted customer needs and beliefs. It allowed an active involvement of the whole internal value chain and the commitment from the main decision makers. The benefits were to create and launch radically  new concepts, with dramatically increased probability of success.