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Innovation Excellence

Because no matter how differentiating, relevant and realistic an innovation strategy is, the real challenge remains “how to get it implemented?”

Lifecycle Experience / Altran supports its clients with the organisation, management and strategy of innovation, right from the outset; providing answers to questions such as how do we make innovation? When do we make it? What is innovation? … through to the mature stages when firms decide to innovate their innovation. 

It is all a matter of process, structures and organisation: 

  • Creating a compelling innovation vision and mission.
  • Organising, launching and managing the innovation processes within the organisation.
  • Implementing the best innovation governance.
  • Creating and launching a first innovation plan and learning to quickly readapt.

But it is also a matter of individuals, teams and climate. Altran offers a global framework for building or improving an inventive organisation.


Through a wide range of trainings, Lifecycle Experience / Altran helps its clients develop their “innovation spirit”. By building up the innovation skills of the employees and helping them better understand the innovative nature of their company. From Innovation Master Classes to Innovative Team Workshops, Creativity Facilitation and specific Train the Trainers sessions, we propose an extensive journey to implement an innovative organisation.

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Case reference

Culture Change Programme

Altran supported its client from telecom industry to launch a Culture Change Programme: Building a more innovative organisation. Altran created and trained a “Steering Committee” at the highest level to pilot the programme, did a creativity and innovation diagnosis and launched a “New Business Discovery Programme”. The result was a more innovative organisation and a new set of products and services to introduce the client in a brand new industry as a pilot of the new processes.

Case reference

Training on Innovation

Training of R&D experts and managers of an energy industry leading company to strengthen their role in the innovation policy definition and implementation. Running since 2009, this programme covers the role of innovation as a competitive factor, financial aspects of innovation and the development of personal abilities regarding group's efficiency and entrepreneurship. It also eases the networking between experts and managers and promotes the exchanges.