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Design to Value

Our Design To Value (DTV) approach optimises investment and operating costs without lowering value. We roll out innovation-inducing methods that bring down costs in system design or redesign.

Our approach involves finding innovative ideas and implementing them rapidly while controlling risks, costs and lead times, thereby going a step further than the standard formulas and providing the means to stand out from the competition or resolve critical situations.

Our goals

  • Significant, measurable cost savings across the whole system
  • Optimised value-added targeted to the need 
  • Detection of potential in the ideas discarded by experts
  • Rationalisation of arbitrary decisions
  • Creation of group dynamics
  • Incorporation of identified solutions 

Our support services apply to co-design and redesign, and encompass methodological support along with the associated engineering services that our clients are unwilling or unable to perform. The Design To Value approach is an aggregate of creativity and inventiveness development techniques, systems engineering, technical and economic factors, as well as purchasing.

Design To Value is a global approach in which the four key domains (need, design, operation, purchasing) all have to be integrated into the process. Via our technical and economic modelling methods we can analyse the overall cost of systems and anticipate the influence of engineering decisions. We also assess standardisation potential from the outset.


Image innovation

Case reference

Innovation to Time-to-Market

Redesign and upgrade of a high-tech product in the microelectronics industry – faster

Case reference

Innovation to Mass

Identify engineering solution to reach the objective of a 7-ton reduction in the weight of a train.