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Innovation Management

Innovate faster and better to conquer new business territories and set your own market rules.

In a globalised and saturated market, companies are bound to innovate to grow and ensure their sustainability. But facing ever more rapid changes in needs and constraints, creative companies must innovate differently. Technological innovation is no longer enough; innovation must answer to a complex set of stakes and limitations all along new value chains. They are both technological and economic as well as social, societal, environmental and even emotional.

Innovation Management is driving the crucial transformation for all the companies aiming to create new growth, leverage mega trends, exploit their current capabilities, or innovate their business model. Such a transformation addresses the innovation efficiency and its contribution to competitiveness. 

Most companies are struggling to develop this comprehensive approach which requires awareness, time and adequate expertise. Altran is their natural key partner thanks to our in-depth involvement in most industries ecosystems, our inherent capacity to take up technological challenges and our unique worldwide presence, combined with a network of experts and methods dedicated to Innovation Management.

We use this strength to help our clients to innovate and to be more innovative.

As a global partner, Lifecycle Experience / Altran has developed an extensive set of offers to support and drive the transformation: 

Strategic Foresight: We support our clients in building their innovation strategy and

Co-creation: We support our clients in inventing and creating their future products, services and business models.

Design to Value: We support our clients in reinventing and redesigning their own product, process and services in order to optimise one or several of their key values (weight, cost, quality, maintainability…).

Innovation Excellence: We support our clients in implementing their innovation organisation, process, culture and skills.

Image innovation

Case reference

Ideation – Front End Innovation

Define a package of multimedia services for suburban trains

Case reference

Innovation strategy

Define a 10 year vision for a producer of medical analysis systems (product/service)