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Technology for Distribution & Support Services

The quality and efficiency of services in both distribution and support can be significantly improved by putting a broad array of technological solutions to good use. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Search Based Applications (SBA) all provide a sound basis to improve knowledge and hence customer interactions within a controlled multichannel environment. Connectivity- and mobility-related technologies are also strong drivers of multichannel strategy and service value.

Regardless of the technologies considered, the core issue remains the use made of these technologies and the way they help empower the company’s stakeholders: employees, partners, service providers, distributors, and especially its customers.

Lifecycle Experience / Altran identifies and implements technological solutions designed to bring substantial improvements to the quality and efficiency of distribution and support services, particularly within multichannel architectures.

Case reference

Defining CRM strategy

Altran designed the CRM vision, the human and information systems working processes and roles for a new marketing organisation. Based on a clear role definition, this strategy also defined guidelines for taking benefits of customer information.

Case reference

Online customer care

Altran managed online customer relationships, for both technical assistance and loyalty development. Analysing the browsing experience allowed the identification of several drivers to improve the relationship with the customer.