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Services Enablement

Lifecycle Experience / Altran helps its clients develop rich and high-quality services, which requires the design of product features, service platform and service process.

Being sure that an industrial product will be properly maintained with optimised quality, delay and costs requires the design of in-depth diagnostic features, dedicated diagnostic tools, detailed maintenance procedures and documentation, etc. 

Selling not only a product but the service delivered by the product can be all the more efficient if the product includes service delivery and management specific features (a keyless car, activated by a wireless code, would be much more efficient for short-term car rental than traditional ones).

Seeking optimisation of the Lifecycle Experience from a Distribution & Support viewpoint opens a window on a very large world where innovation and engineering are as important as performance and efficiency in building customer empowerment.

Altran contributes to product design in order to foster the efficiency of associated services (connectivity, upgradeability, diagnosability, repairability, etc.) and the design of the services, processes and tools.

Case reference

FIDJI (Finance and Joy to Innovate)

Customer-centric design of new services: Within the Bank-Finance-Insurance club of innovation founded by Altran with several large bank and insurance companies, Altran brought its design-thinking expertise to test a new approach of designing financial services.

Case reference

Automotive diagnostic

Altran defined a new set of automotive diagnostic methods seeking a global optimization of diagnostic and repair times as well as spare-parts costs.