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Distribution & Support Excellence

Distribution & Support Excellence is achieved when customer expectations are met or exceeded, and/or via a consistent experience across the entire customer journey and all interaction channels. 

Lifecycle Experience / Altran helps its clients achieve Distribution & Support Excellence:

  • Customer satisfaction: excellence requires an understanding and the measurement of customer satisfaction. It involves several dimensions of analysis performed through up to 4 perspectives.
  • Consistency across the lifecycle and channels: successful customer experience results from consistency of all types of interactions the customer  may have with the brand all along the lifecycle.
  • Attention to details: There is no ‘silver bullet’. Successful customer experience depends on the level of attention paid to details in order to anticipate and satisfy  the diversity of customer’s needs.
  • Governance: “It only works if it all works”. Given the complexity of customer experience, it is essential to define organisational principles in order to avoid customer experience turning into lip service.

Case reference

Call centre optimisation

Improvement of perceived quality through a complaints management process review. Through a 360° approach Altran defined a customer segmentation and a new organisation of the front office in order to allocate the highest level of competency to the highest level of customer’s importance and expectations

Case reference

Customer segmentation

Altran had to define customer lifetime values and segmentation in order to identify the best customers and understand their needs for services and products.