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Distribution & Support Services

From customer satisfaction to customer experience: a path towards new revenue streams.

Distribution and support are at the heart of any company’s activity and directly concern its main asset: the customers. 

Interactions between customer and company can be a mine of information which needs to be captured, processed and circulated as quickly as possible within the company in order to elicit not only satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels but also expectations, new ideas and trends that will ultimately drive the firm’s product strategies. 

Lifecycle Experience / Altran assists its clients in designing the services expected by their end customers and shows them how to deliver these services to the required standard. It also offers support in designing products, services and business models likely to generate new revenue streams.

We implement solutions designed to meet these Distribution & Support Services challenges:

  • Rolling out agile distribution processes and ensuring they are able to adopt new economic models.
  • Adapting distribution and support channels and formats to give them the capability to meet market expectations and attract increasingly mobile, demanding and discerning customers.
  • Managing and supporting the development of the competencies, activities and performances of the distribution and support networks.
  • Guaranteeing the global consistency and efficiency of the product and services and the methods of distribution, support and service level (consistency of the product lifecycle, information systems applications, diagnostic and remedy resources, etc.)

The Distribution & Support Services offering of Lifecycle Experience / Altran is organised into three service lines:

Distribution & Support Excellence: Altran implements systems and approaches in order to assess, analyse and improve customer experience and the company’s capability to achieve the required standard of excellence.

Technology for Distribution & Support Services: Altran identifies and implements technical solutions designed to bring substantial improvements to the quality and efficiency of Distribution and Support Services, particularly within multichannel architectures.

Services Enablement: Altran contributes to product design in order to enable and boost the efficiency of the associated services (connectivity, upgradeability, diagnosability, repairability, etc.), and also supports clients in designing the services, processes and tools.

Case reference

Automotive After Sales services

Altran received the development and application management responsibility for the document and workflow management system dedicated to an automotive manufacturer Customer Service. The system improved the efficiency in documentation and procedure generation, spare parts management and service planning and supervision.

Case reference

FIDJI (Finance and Joy to Innovate)

Customer-centric design of new services: Within the Bank-Finance-Insurance club of innovation founded by Altran with several large bank and insurance companies, Altran brought its design-thinking expertise to test a new approach of designing financial services.