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  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing

    Streamline your manufacturing process and supply chain.

  • Distribution & Support Services

    From customer satisfaction to customer experience: a path towards new revenue streams.

  • Innovation Management

    Innovate faster and better to conquer new business territories and set your own market rules

  • Product Design & Systems Engineering

    Accelerate & secure your product design & engineering process.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Transform your process, increase your efficiency.


Lifecycle Experience / Altran embeds in one single solution the 5 specialities that make an idea a success: Innovation Management, Product Design & Systems Engineering, Supply Chain & Manufacturing and Distribution & Support Services relying on a strong Product Lifecycle Management basis. 

By arranging as building blocks their extensive set of offers, Lifecycle Experience / Altran can design tailor made approaches to its clients’ strategic issues. 

A unique combination

Whatever the point of view adopted for driving transformation, Lifecycle Experience / Altran provides a unique combination of industry, information technology and PLM expertise, experience return and capabilities:

> Proposing a unique end-to-end solution for tackling key business issue

> Ensuring PLM consulting and engineering efficiency based on operational expertise and cross-industry return of experience

> Fostering the value of our operational services, with PLM awareness, capabilities and tools

Reinvent the foundations of Excellence and Innovation

Whatever the scope and the depth of the transformation, four key guidelines drive our consulting practices:

> Interlink the silos within the whole eco-system and across the entire lifecycle

> Connect people to a single source of digital knowledge

> Make user and customer experience the main concern throughout the lifecycle

> Empower all the ecosystem’s actors to progress towards excellence and innovation